Your Best Source For Engineering Services

James A. Koppenhaver, P.E. and Associates, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland, provides a convenient, cost effective way for you to get all the engineering and engineering documents you’ll ever need.

As experienced engineers we’ll help you eliminate the delay in the engineering approval process. With James A. Koppenhaver, P.E. and Associates you’ll spend less time running around documents and more time making money. Best of all, you pay only for the amount of engineering you need. No unnecessary documentation and no unnecessary fees!

Providing engineering services for as little as $149, we can help you:

Comply with local ordinances for the submission of…

-Building permit plans -Grading and land development plans -Stormwater management and erosion control designs

Meet construction code requirements for…

-Structural, electrical and mechanical systems -Fire rating and thermal resistance -Life-safety and accessibility

Obtain engineering reports for…

-Real estate inspections and due diligence -Site investigations and soil characteristics -Construction procedures and methods -Certification of work in place or design or corrective measures