What We Do

James A. Koppenhaver, P.E. and Associates, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland, provides a convenient, cost effective way for you to get all the engineering and engineering documents you’ll ever need.

For as little as $149* we can:

1. Review your sketch, plan or shop drawing 2. Provide calculations and specifications 3. Complete an investigation or report 4. Provide consultation and analysis 5. Perform a site visit 6. Issue a certification 7. Complete permit application forms 8. Generate a technical letter or correspondence

• Additional fees may apply depending on the complexity and location of your project, and the extent of the work.

We specialize in:

1. New construction and renovations 2. Swimming pool grading plans 3. Pole building permit plans 4. Retaining wall designs 5. On-site stormwater management systems 6. Structural steel and timber framing plans 7.Reinforced concrete foundations plans 8. Elevator hoistway drawings

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